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I had a botched surgery on my foot and was looking for a way to exercise without putting too much pressure on my foot to aggravate it and figured cycling would be a good option. I came to Cycle and Cryo looking to get more information on their classes, and I was immediately impressed with the state of art equipment and the cool vibe of the place.  As I spoke to the owner, Will, he explained to me how the instructors get to know you well, and that I would be able to do modified movements during the classes. Finally, he told me about the Cryo therapy.  I tried it for the first time on my foot where I had the botched surgery.  After only three minutes of treatment, I got up and starting walking with no pain! I had been suffering from chronic pain from my surgery for almost three years now, and this was the first time that I was able to walk with absolutely ZERO pain! I now plan on doing Cryo before cycle class and I’m so happy that it’s offered here! Thank you so much Cycle and Cryo!

These videos are awesome! The first one about the real rider bikes make me want to try it asap! The box and bike is definitely going to be a huge hit. I go to CKO once in awhile to change up my own workout and the CKO people are obsessed! Couple that with people that love to cycle and you've got a great combo. And after we spoke and you mentioned the Lebron video I YouTubed it and showed my husband who was just as impressed as I was and thought it was so cool! You're on to something Will!

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